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Long Beach Vending Machines Are Easily Accessible For You

Your Long Beach break room should have access to modern vending machines, which can increase employee satisfaction and enrich the overall vending experience. We can work with your existing space in your Long Beach office to replace that outdated equipment with a modern, state-of-the-art vending machine with all the latest technology. We can offer your business, food, snacks, beverages, or frozen food vending machines. Our Long Beach vending service can also accommodate employees who subscribe to a healthy lifestyle with a range of healthy items included in our vending machines. And, with today’s vending machines, we remotely monitor your products to ensure they remain in stock. Since many people prefer not to carry cash, we make it easy to pay for products using your mobile phone or credit card. Vending machine technology has come a long way to improve the customer experience.

Vending machines and office coffee service in Long Beach

Coffee or Tea and Water Filtration Service at Your Long Beach Office

Your Long Beach employees will enjoy getting premium coffee and tea in their office breakroom. Our coffee experts can help you determine your office coffee service and set up the ideal delivery schedule for your company. We are always available so you rest assured that we will meet the needs of your Long Beach office coffee service. We carry all the major brands of coffee and tea, and gourmet coffee and teas. From traditional coffee brewers to single cup coffee, we’ve got your covered. Plus, we provide stir sticks, cream, sugar, and other supplies making it easy to enjoy your office coffee experience. And, because we’ve got the most modern coffee equipment, we’ve gone touchless so your Long Beach employees can prepare coffee through a QR code on your mobile phone. In order to get that perfect cup, we ensure you have high-quality water. We offer innovative water purification systems, including the 5-gallon jug that provides pure fresh drinking water for your tea and coffee needs. If you have subpar office coffee, then we may have the perfect solution for you.

Has Your Long Beach Office Considered a Micro-Market?

What is a micro-market? It’s an onsite open market located in your Long Beach break room. We offer customized micro-market solutions for your employees. Many companies use micro-markets as a recruiting and retention perk. Think about it, your Long Beach employees can meet up, socialize, and collaborate in a cool break room with their favorite fresh foods, frozen foods, snacks, and beverages easily available to them. We’ve also taken into account those in your Long Beach office who subscribe to a healthy lifestyle by offering them healthy options. We offer custom solutions no matter the size of your available space for your Long Beach micro-market. Employees can easily pay through a self-serve kiosk, which means you don’t have to find someone to watch over the micro-market. If your break room is outdated, then a micro-market may be the solution for your office.

Long Beach self-serve micro-markets

Long Beach’s Office Pantry Service Provider

Why an office pantry service? Many companies in Long Beach are constantly trying to find ideas to improve the workplace culture and find new and unique perks for their employees. One of those perks could be free food! What employee doesn’t love getting free food? An office pantry service is bought for by the business so that employees can enjoy free snacks, beverages, and other easy grab-and-go options throughout the workday. The benefits for the employer are that Long Beach employees stay onsite, are happier, and satiated throughout the day. A Long Beach office pantry service can improve the overall corporate culture. Think about it, there’s a reason many tech companies have free food onsite at all times.

Consider a Hotel Pantry Service in Long Beach

Whether you want to refresh your entire convenience store or just want a simple supply delivery service, we can help you. Our Long Beach hotel pantry service is convenient for hotel managers to keep the pantry for their onsite convenience store well-stocked for guests. Here are some of the benefits for Long Beach hotel managers when using our hotel pantry service:

  • No minimums - No need to buy in bulk. Buy what you need and when you need it.
  • One-Stop-Shop - We supply you with products from numerous manufacturers through our system, thereby eliminating ordering products from multiple places.
  • Easy ordering - hotel managers can use our easy-to-order online platform to get what they need and when they need it.
  • Fast delivery - We can deliver the next business day with no minimums.

As a hotel manager, your goal is to run a profitable business and streamline processes. When it comes to your Long Beach hotel’s onsite convenience store, we do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Hotel pantry service in Long Beach

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