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Better vending machines can enrich your break room

Complement your Southern California business with modern, well-stocked vending machines that will increase the
benefits of your location.

Vending machine options in Los Angeles

Full range of vending options

Customize the product selection to satisfy your employees’ needs. Choose from a wide range of traditional and healthy items to go inside our state-of-the-art machines that improve the vending experience.

Go beyond basic

Expect more with the PicoCooler

Upgrade traditional vending with the PicoCooler. With a sleek and modern design, it will enhance any break room. Welcome to the next generation of vending.


Automatic locking feature and camera make for a
secure experience.


Offer customers a variety of refreshments including fresh salads, and sandwiches.


Pay for products using a credit card or mobile phone for
maximum convenience.


Intuitive touchscreen allows you to checkout quickly
and easily.

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