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What is a subsidized

Experience the ultimate open-concept onsite cafe in the company break room. With a subsidized micro-market, employees will have access to a variety of fresh or frozen food options, snacks, and beverages. Your business can decide to offer free or reduced cost products that employees can enjoy 24/7.

Your Greater Los Angeles office will not need to staff, manage or maintain this self-sufficient amenity giving you time to focus on what you do best. A self-serve kiosk accepts credit card and mobile wallet payments giving you a secure and safe shopping experience.

Subsidized Micro-Markets in Los Angeles

Gain a competitive edge with a subsidized micro-market solution

Los Angeles office Micro-Market Benefits

Retain Employees and Recruit New Talent

Integrate the subsidized market into your recruitment and retention strategy.


Enjoy a variety of healthy and fresh options daily without leaving the office.

Los Angeles office Micro-Market Benefits

Easy Payment

Conveniently pay for products with cash, credit card, or mobile wallet.

Improve Workplace

Employees can fuel up and stay focused and productive throughout the workday.

Micro-Market Benefits in Los Angeles

Reimagine the break room with a micro-market

Encourage a healthier lifestyle in the office and boost employee satisfaction.

Celebrate staff achievements, milestones, and contributions with this unique perk.

Consider a hybrid micro-market featuring a combination of products that are either complimentary or available at full or partially reduced prices.

Compliment your subsidized micro-market
with an office coffee service


Transform your break room with a subsidized micro-market solution.