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Superior Apartment Building Vending Services for Los Angeles Residents

Adding more common area amenities can make life easier for your residents. One great amenity to consider is vending machines. Los Angeles vending machines give 24/7 access to snacks. If residents are craving a midnight snack, they don’t have to change out of their pajamas! They can grab chips, a candy bar, or some trail mix from the vending machine. Plus, grabbing a beverage on a rainy day is easier than running to the store.

At Premier VendGroup, we make it easy to bring vending machines to your apartment complex. Discover what our apartment building vending service can do for you.

Upgrade Your Lobby with Modern Apartment Building Vending Services

We can install our Los Angeles vending machines in your apartment complex. Where is the best place to add them? There are many options. The best place depends on your apartment complex setup. We’ll put them wherever you’d like such as the rec room or the lobby!

The lobby is a popular place to include beverages, fresh food, and snack vending machines. You could also add them to your laundry center or game room. This service makes life easier for your residents. Instead of leaving the building, they can find snacks and drinks onsite.

We’re your go-to service provider. Let us help you with all of your Long Beach vending needs. We take care of it all from installation to stocking products. Our goal is for your residents to enjoy a superior vending experience.

Our Vending Solutions are Designed for Residents

What makes our vending machines stand out? Our vending machines are the perfect choice for your apartment complex. Here’s why:

Los Angeles Vending Machines | Long Beach Beverages & Snacks | Anaheim Apartment Complex Amenities

  • Modern Design: Our modern machines are sleek and elegant. They fit perfectly in most spaces. Plus, we use the latest technology to monitor them from afar. This helps us ensure every customer has a great experience. So, there’s no hassle for you!
  • Convenience: Customers won’t have to leave the building to get snacks, beverages, water, or fresh food. Your residents will love having 24/7 access to refreshments.
  • Variety: We monitor our machines to ensure only top-selling products remain. We also add new products to keep customers engaged. Do you have a special request? Let us know! We can bring in your residents’ favorite items.

Our fresh food vending machines include many options. From sandwiches to wraps, and salads, there are many choices. If you want to offer even more variety, why not try an Anaheim micro-market? It’s like a small convenience store. There, customers can find a larger variety of snacks, fresh food, and drink options.

Why Choose Premier VendGroup Apartment Building Vending Machines?

Our vending machines are best for your residents and best for your building. Why? They are energy efficient. That means they won’t run up your electricity bill.

Another reason to love our machines is payment options. Don’t worry about digging for coins. Customers won’t ask for change at the front desk, either. Our vending machines accept mobile wallet and credit card payments. Customers can pay however they’d like!

We also monitor our machines from afar. This helps us keep our vending machines stocked and ready to use. That way, your property manager won’t have to worry about maintaining the machines. We take care of everything.

Upgrade Your Los Angeles Apartment Building Vending Service

Get in touch with us to take your common area amenities to the next level. We’re here to make your residents’ lives easier and more enjoyable. Call Premier VendGroup at 562-928-1301 to talk about your needs. We can transform your Los Angeles apartment building into a more convenient living space.

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Why Bring a Wellsys Water Dispenser to Your Los Angeles Office

When your employees are thirsty, offer them fresh water free of impurities. Improve your break room with a Los Angeles water dispenser! Yet, we know it can be hard to know which model will best meet your team’s needs.

If you’re thinking about adding an office water dispenser to your break room, you’re in the right place. Premier VendGroup is your go-to for top-notch Los Angeles water filtration services. Explore how a water dispenser can enhance your workplace. Plus, check out some of our most popular models.

How a Los Angeles Water Dispenser Can Benefit Your Workplace

When your employees get enough water, they feel better. Hydration is important for good physical and mental health. Did you know that drinking enough water can help you stay alert and focused? According to the Harvard School of Public Health, hydration can also help improve mood.

When it comes to Los Angeles beverages, nothing is healthier than water. Although you can offer healthy beverage vending products, employees will also appreciate a water cooler. This shows your employees you care about their well-being.

Add a water dispenser to your Long Beach office pantry or any other break room service. That way, your employees can enjoy quality water. Clean, fresh drinking water tastes better. Plus, it can improve the taste of your Anaheim office coffee and tea. When your water tastes good, employees are more likely to drink it. That helps them stay refreshed, focused, and hydrated. It’s a win for your team and for your workplace.

Why Choose a Wellsys Water Dispenser for Your Los Angeles Break Room

Wellsys water coolers are some of our most popular models. These water dispensers are high-quality and use advanced technology. With these water coolers, you can serve your team the best drinking water.

Los Angeles Break Room Beverages | Long Beach Office Coffee | Anaheim Water Dispenser

Wellsys water dispensers come in a variety of models. There’s an option that will fit perfectly in your break room. A countertop water dispenser is best if your workplace is small. For larger offices, a standing water cooler is the perfect solution. Let us know about your needs. That way, we can help you pick the perfect option.

Wellsys uses the latest technology to deliver clean, great-tasting water and ice. Employees can also access hot water. They can make a tasty cup of tea and other hot beverages at the touch of a button.

Wellsys water dispensers are also a great way to encourage healthy habits in the workplace. You might consider adding a water cooler to your Los Angeles micro-market. This solution offers fresh food, salads, and other healthy snacks. Moreover, it’s easy for your team to make healthy choices.

3 Excellent Wellsys Water Dispenser Models to Choose From

Are you ready to pick an excellent water dispenser for your Los Angeles workplace? Here are the top Wellsys water dispenser models:

Wellsys WS11000+ : Everyone loves this Los Angeles water filtration system. It even helps keep your employees healthy with cutting-edge technology. Plus, it has a built-in leak detection system. That means it’s easy to manage. We’ll also quickly service your water cooler when needed. Enjoy all the hot and cold water your team can drink with this standing water dispenser.

Wellsys W9CT : If you have a smaller break room, this is the water dispenser you need. It is compact, yet powerful. Your employees will enjoy touchless technology, which is safer for everyone. This model dispenses both hot and cold water.

Wellsys W9+ : Made for the medium to large office, this water dispenser serves fresh, clean water all day long. Employees can refill water bottles, get hot water for tea or coffee, or simply pour a glass of water.

Any of these models are a great choice! Let us know if you’re interested. We’d be happy to walk you through the details of each model.

Enhance Your Los Angeles Break Room with a Water Filtration Service

A Wellsys water dispenser is an excellent addition to your Los Angeles break room. Your employees will love being able to drink quality hot or cold water whenever they’d like. As a bonus, these systems are also environmentally friendly.

Get in touch to learn more about our Los Angeles break room services at 562-928-1301 or contact us online. We look forward to working with you.